LP500(500KVA)Genrator Specification

Power Rating (KVA) 500
Electric Power (KWe) 400
Rated Current (A) 695
Output voltage (V) 415
Frequency (Hz) 50
Power factor (lag) 0.8
No of Phases 3
System Voltage (VDC) 24
Dimensions (L X W X H, mm x mm x mm) 5500 x 2000 x 2235
Open Set including panel stand & W/O Silencer (mm x mm x mm) 4000 x 1800 x 2200
Make Perkins UK
Model 2506A-E15TAG2
Engine Output Prime Net (Kwm / bhp) 435 / 583
Engine Output Prime Gross (Kwm / bhp) 451 / 605
Aspiration Turbocharged charge-cooled
No of Cylinder 6 Verticle Inline
Rated speed (RPM) 1500
Bore & stroke (mm x mm) 137 x 171
Compression ratio 16:1
Displacement (Litres) 15.2
Dry weight of Engine (kg) 1633
Exhaust Temperature (ºC) 550
Gross break mean effective pressure (kpa) 2405
Governor/class Electronic
Cooling system Water cooled
Radiator Cu Brass with Charge Air cooler
Lub oil specs 15 W 40 CF 4
Lub oil sump capacity Max (Litres) 53
Lub oil sump capacity Min (Litres) 45
Typical lub oil consumption 0.10%
Total coolant capacity (Litres) 58
System Voltage (DC) 24
Battery capacity/rating 150 AH, (12v DC X 2 Nos)
Fuel Consumption 75% (g/KWh) 201
Fuel Consumption 100% (g/kWh) 199
Fuel Consumption @ 75 % load with Fan & charging alternator (Lit/Hr)** 76
Fuel Consumption 100% (Lit/Hr) 100
** Fuel Consumption of Genset @75% of load is considering specific gravity of fuel 0.8355 at NTP
condition, Tolerance will be +5%
Make Stamford*
Frame size/model No. HCI544D1
Voltage regulation ± 0.5 %
Class of insulation Class H
Standard Enclosure IP 23
Winding Pitch 2/3
Telephonic Interference Factor Better than 50
Efficiency 94.8
Total Harmonic Factor Better Than 2%

Cubical type made of CRCA sheet, Powder coated, mounted inside canopy with hinged type doors

Controller used for start stop panel & MAN panel DSE 6010 & 6020
  • Display

  • Engine Parameters - RPM, Oil Presssure, coolant temprature Hour Meter, battery volt, running status

  • Electrical parameters - Voltage, current, Hz, KW, KVA, Pf, kWh

Digital Multifunction meter Voltage/Ampere/Frequency
Fault Indication (LED Type on Engine safety Unit)
  • Low Oil pressure

  • Battery Charger Failure

  • High Engine Temperature

  • Low fuel level

Current Transformers of suitable rating
Indications (LED):
  • DG ON

  • Load on DG

Control Key switch for Start/Stop

Cubical type made of CRCA sheet, Powder coated, mounted inside canopy with hinged type doors

  • 4 Pole Contactor for DG

  • 4 Pole Contactor for MAINS

  • MCCB for short circuit protection

  • Supports Engine equipped with electronic control unit

  • Graphic back lit LCD Display

  • Supervision of Mains and DG voltage

  • Mains and DG contactor interlock

  • Provision for Remote start / stop

  • Over / under voltage protection

  • Over / under frequency protection

  • Current / voltage asymmetry

  • Over current protection

  • Parameter setting by front panel key board

  • Auto / Manual mode operation

  • Programmable parameters / timers

  • Configurable input and outputs

  • Alarm history

  • Displays Voltage, Current, frequency, PF, kW, kWH

  • Displays engine parameters like Oil pressure, coolant temperature, Engine RPM, fuel consumption, Engine running hours

  • Indication LED for Mains ok, Load on Mains, DG set running, Load on Dg set

Multifunction meter
  • Voltage

  • Ampere

  • Frequency

Analogue meter
  • Oil pressure

  • Water Temperature

  • Engine RPM

Indication Lamps
  • Mains On

  • DG On

  • Load on Mains

  • Load on DG

SMPS based battery charger with float boost charging.

Manual mode controls
  • DG start

  • DG stop

  • Load transfer


Power rating as per Standard reference condition as per BS 5514/ISO 3046/ISO 8528

Reference condition (Dec C Ambient Temp) 27
Atmospheric Condition (KPA -750mm of Hg) 100
Humidity 60% - As per IS10002, ISO 3046