Water on the move is the motor of life in nature. It is also the driving force behind every civilisation - in the jungle, in the desert and for millions of people in cities around the world. Wherever water needs to be supplied or disposed of, KSB is on hand.

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The Hoffman multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters are capable of a variety of design options, field support, parts, accessories and lubricants to improve efficiencies in your application.

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Nash provides its customers with reliable, quality liquid ring vacuum and compressed gas systems with the features and performance necessary for all demanding applications.

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Kansal Pumps Pvt. Ltd. came into existence on 3rd March,1981 and engaged in the marketing of all type of Engg. Products like; DG Sets, Switchgears, Industrial pumps,Electric Motors, Valves, vacuum pumps, Actuators and other allied parts for all type of Engg. Industries. Earlier to the KPPL we were engaged in sale & purchase of all type of other pumps like"KSB"and were doing the turnkey projects of water supply and sewage Schemes. KPPL have developed the skill of market survey,technical expertise, advising to the customers and execution of order to their Entire satisfaction in quality of service, timely delivery and after sales service KPPL are known in the market for their sincerity and hard working.

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Kansal is one of the leading suppliers of water, chemical, air and gas related products to industries in india.


Kansal has employment opportunities in India. See what is available in your area.